When you hire Schaerer Contracting Company, Inc., you hire experience in a wide range of large scale construction projects. Our services range from pre-construction and design build, to general contracting and construction management. Schaerer’s innovative approach allows us to be your only contact in the design and construction of your building. With design/build experience that includes both industrial and commercial projects of all shapes and sizes, we can help you with consulting, architecture/engineering services, construction, information management services, and more.

Our hard-won reputation for scheduling and total quality management expertise has permitted Schaerer to service clients from New Jersey to Corpus Christi, Texas. Owners have engaged Schaerer to examine problems, make recommendations, hire architects and engineers, hire sub-contractors, and most of all, deliver solutions.


In today’s environment, the delivery method selected by the construction owner has tremendous impact upon the definition of the contractor’s Pre-construction role and whether any Pre-construction services beyond estimating will be required at all. We, here at Schaerer Companies, are providers of Pre-construction services tailoring to your projects’ goals and requirements. We can team up early to work with the Project Teams to deliver an exceptional project that meets the objectives set forth by the construction owner. Services we can provide are:

  • Conceptualization
  • Planning
  • Value Analysis
  • Design Evaluation (Bid buy review)
  • Life Cycle Costs
  • Document Decisions (Logs etc)
  • Variance Reporting
  • Bid Lists
  • Scope of Work
  • Bidder Pre-qualification
  • Risk Reduction
  • Escalation Control
  • Pre Bid Conferences
  • Post Bid Interviews
  • Permitting Requirements
  • Scheduling and Materials Procurement

It is our goal to exceed your expectations.


Schaerer Contracting Company constructs industrial buildings ranging from manufacturing facilities and airport hangers to cement plants and river port terminals. Whether your project is large (like the 300,000 square foot La-Z-Boy manufacturing facility), or a little less ambitious, we’re known for delivering high quality, structurally sound buildings.


Schaerer Contracting Company’s attention to detail and first-class workmanship gives all of our projects a finish of the highest professional quality. In addition, our continued emphasis on efficiency and value–plus our on-time delivery record–ensure that your retail project is done right.


Construction projects for schools, churches, and higher education campuses typically involve structures that must house a wide range of functions and facilities. Our experience in managing fast-track design/build teams has been especially beneficial when in helping colleges, congregations, and governments realize the successful completion of their building and renovation projects.